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/krōma/ intensity of color

Laura West, a NYC based artist/writer, explores bright colors, dark images and uses this emotional release to dictate the route of her work.

The high-energy and physicality of throwing string gel paint over a meticulous base is a rush that is visible in all of her bold colors, expressive drips and often off-kilter subject matter.

Laura earned her BFA as a full scholarship recipient in Screenwriting and Studio Art at New York University.

She has exhibited her work in various shows across NY, was published in a collection of national/international magazines as well as featured in an interview on RTN (Russian Television Network). 


Figurative Works by Jennie Santos & Miguel Hernandez

Exhibit: December 9th, 2013 to January 6th, 2014
Opening Reception: December 12th, 2013 - 7pm to 10pm

Two Dominican artists, both graduated from Altos de Chavon and Parson School of Design, but with very different and distinct styles...

Jennie Santos

Jennie Santos's oil figurative paintings are made partly of unprimed canvas, which destiny is not to be stretched but hung like a poster on the wall or from the ceiling.

For some of her pieces she uses a combination of other fabrics and some are recycled. The human figure is her main subject, but In this show she also has still life work stretched and framed.


Jennie Santos BIO

Jennie has exhibited in group shows at the Museum of Modern Art (2013, Dominican Republic), Etnia a one year traveling show in different cities and galleries (Belgium, Luxembourg 2011-2012), Xalapa (Mexico, 2013), Queens College Kupferberg Center for the Arts (New York, 2013), International Women's Day Exhibition, 111 Gallery (New Jersey, 2003), and others.

Her illustration has been published in education publications at New Bay Media,
at B to B magazines at Nielsen and very recently at dominicanaenmiami.com magazine.

Miguel Hernández

The social theme has always concerned me, and I create critical-symbolic paintings. But also, nature and the human being began to flourish on my canvases revealing intense movements, evoking water sounds and other pleasant experiences.

Miguel Hernandez BIO

After Parsons, he was a contributing artist with Jeff Koons. He has done work for Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, MTV Networks, Acadia Scenic, Deitch Gallery, Gallery 303, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Musters & Co, Inc, COACH Leatherwear, REED KRAKOFF, American Theater Magazine and various galleries in Chelsea.

He has exhibited works at the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, as well as Centro E. León Jiménes in Santiago, Dominican Repúblic. His work was included in the Forms of Divinity exhibition at the Williamsburg Art Historical Center in Brooklyn, New York.

In addition, Miguel's pieces have been included in the Jersey City Artists' Studio Tour every year since its inception in 2003. His work is part of the Latin American Exhibition on the show Dominican Itinerary Exhibition in Brussels, Belgium 2011 - 2012. Hernández's work was part of 2010 and 2011 Art Basel Miami Beach / sponsored by the commissioned Parsons Alumni at Art Miami.

He is an independent artist based on commissions paintings, designs and illustrations at New York City. Since 2005 he's been working for MoMA PS1 as an art installer as well.

Exhibit: November 12 - December 9, 2013
Opening Reception: November 14, 2013 7:00-11:00pm

Cojo, the NYC based "Art Juggernaut" has been honing his color palate and developing his signature line art style by drawing for print (BlackBook Magazine, Rolling Stone, Village Voice, YRB MAGAZINE,Time Out New York, Complex Magazine etc..) for over a decade.

His artwork has been printed in 16 countries and translated into 15 languages. 

This show demonstrates the first stages of the artist's departure from cartoonish and figurative work, into the more abstract realms, while retaining the vivid color acuity and precise line work he's made popular. 

Cojo also blogs about art and the NY Art Scene on Art Sucks andArtiholics. ArtSucks.com was recently named by The Huffington Post as one of the top 5 NYC art blogs you should be reading.

Exhibit: October 7 - November 11, 2013
Opening Party: October 10,2013 7-10pm

GAIL COMES grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in a house filled with jazz musicians, dancers, actors, writers and painters. 

Ms. Comes interactions with these people stimulated her artistic curiosity, but it was the sounds of John Coltrane and the works of Michelangelo, Van Gogh and Francis Bacon that ignited her artistic passions. At the same time, Gail soaked up the sights and sounds of the city and she devoured the comics of Robert Crumb. It was this interplay that inspired her love for drawing.

Gail went on to explore the tension and balance between bold colors and abstract forms in the human body and the human face, leading to an unmistakable and strong painting style. Her interest in figurative and portrait painting began early. As a teenager, Gail studied anatomy and life drawing with Gustav Rehberger at the Art Students League for 8 years.

Gail received an award from the Society of Arts & Letters. During the award ceremony, Al Hirschfield said to her, “Welcome to the world of perpetual unemployment,” then added “But we find a way”. Gail had found her “way” and she has never looked back.

The Art Student’s League, Music and Art High School, The Studio School and the Pratt Institute are some of the places Gail studied.

She has exhibited here in New York City as well as in Amsterdam, Holland. When asked where does she get her inspiration for the figures and heads her reply was, " I see a body or a face that grabs me and I try to grab it back!".

Exhibit: September 8 - October 8, 2013
Closing Party: October 4th, 2013 from 7 - 10pm

Moses Ros was born in New York City. He has had one-person
exhibitions at museums in the United States and the Caribbean,
including the Yeshiva University Museum in New York, the Paterson
Museum in New Jersey, and el Instituto de Cultura y Arte in Santiago, Republica Dominicana.

Moses has also had one-person exhibitions at galleries, including the
Mary Anthony Art Galleries in New York and Solar Art Gallery in East Hampton.

He has been awarded commissions for public sculpture by the
Department of Cultural Affairs, the Bronx Council for the Arts, and the
New York City Housing Authority, as well as for stained glass windows
by the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Moses is a member of Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA (DYPG), a printmaking collective.

His artistic output consists of sculpture, paintings, murals, prints, and video. Moses Ros received his Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt
Institute in New York and is a licensed architect in the State of New

Concrete & Country: Landscapes and Urban Subjects
Marcus Pierno
August 8 to September 9, 2013

Exhibition featuring the landscapes and urban subjects of Marcus Pierno.
*Wine, refreshments, and vegan food will be served*

Marcus Pierno attended Fashion Institute of Technology where he spent a year in the Fine Arts program and also earned an AAS in Illustration.

In the summer of 1999, he studied painting in Florence, Italy. In 2005, he won a full scholarship to study at The National Academy of Fine Arts.

His classically-inspired paintings cover a wide range of subject material: From pet portraits to rescued farm animals, landscapes to cityscapes, and multiple periods of history. Marcus Pierno has exhibited extensively, and his work resides in various private collections around the world.

I AM by M.
Art Exhibit: July 8 - August 5, 2013
M. (a.k.a. Misha Tyutyunik) is a Brooklyn based, contemporary painter, working mostly in acrylics and mixed media. Born in Soviet Union, Misha came to the United States with his family in the summer of 1991. He is a Pratt institute graduate with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

Misha’s art is figurative in nature, blending elements of pop culture with social/political satire. Besides being an avid painter, Misha is also an accomplished muralist (having painted murals throughout the greater New York area and Philadelphia, working both privately and with such organizations as Groundswell, the Brooklyn arts council and the South Bronx Economic Development Organization)

A charismatic live painter (having been commissioned to do live paintings for many establishments throughout New York City as well as for celebrity events such as the Big Boi record release performance at S.O.B.’s This past December), a prolific illustrator (having illustrated for publications such as Vibe magazine and Citizen NY), and talented designer (working for companies like A&E television networks, the History channel, Coca Cola, Enk, and Concept One).

Misha has exhibited his paintings across New York city’s gallery scene, including shows in Chelsea, Dumbo and Williamsburg. He is now working to extend his unique artistic vision to the West Coast and over seas.

Ava Day - Painter of Dreams

Exhibit: June 10 - July 8, 2013
Opening Party: June 13th, 2013 from 7pm - 10pm

Painter of Dreams is the title of a group of Conceptual artworks by Ava Day in which the sculptural framings are as much a part of the piece as the stage and stage-set would be a part of a play or performance. The frame stands as a portal, or invitation to a vision or memory, be it painful, beautiful, or hopeful. She describes her work as fragments of dreams, fantasies, or moments in time. She describes an interest in the mind’s ability to organize and sublimate the two-dimensional space of the canvas as theater into which the drama of a moment can be pressed.

Ava Day paints the inner vision. With a feeling for nature, her works seem charged with associations. She defines her work as Visionary Conceptualism, an intimate, personal art. They are also Metaphysical, in that they relate to the transcendent, to a reality beyond that which is perceptible to the senses, full of an invented symbolism...

Ava's born in Oceanside, California and graduated from San Francisco State University, BA in Art & Minor in Dance. She studied drawing with John Guttmann and studied painting with Robert Bechtle and Richard McClean.

For more info on Ava Day and her art, please go to her webpage www.avaday.com

The Gates to Viridian by Milan @ Le Salon d' Art

Exhibit: May 8 - June 10, 2013
Opening Party: May 9, 2013 from 7pm-10pm

Milan is all about "expression"; rooting his own artistic style across genres and forms. His artistic energy translates onto the canvas in layers of a limitless palate of contrasting colors, increasing depth. His use of lines creates a sense of movement, and the content of his work is often based on human and other organic forms across the continuum of abstract art. 

Milan was born in Czechoslovakia. Much of his interest in art stemmed from exposure in childhood, in particular by the paintings adorning the walls of his childhood home in formal Czechoslovakia. The creative passion of his youth led him to study fine arts. During his classical training, Milan was fortunate to develop a relationship with friend and professor, Jaroslav Kapec, who expanded his knowledge and adoration for art as it exists with personal, social, and political influences.

Milan moved to the US at the age of 24 and has lived in New York City and San Diego and has returned to the East Coast in recent years. He has shown his paintings in both New York and California, has been sought after for commissioned pieces, and has sold paintings around the world to private collectors.

 Exhibit: April 11- May 8, 2013

Billy Seccombe was born and raised in Rochester, NY. In 1996 he attended Syracuse University and studied illustration under the direction of Bob Dacey. In 2000 he received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in illustration.

Seccombe has also studied academic approaches to painting and drawing at the Art Students League of New York as well as the the New York Academy of Art under the guidance of such names as Nelson Shanks, Sharon Sprung, and Robert Armetta. His style reflects a blending of these traditional methods.

 His work combines academic realism with a combination of patterning, textures, and a hint of playful theatrics by utilizing vibrant colors and costuming. Seccombe's work as a painter has been hung in various galleries across the United States and has been recognized with multiple awards and honors.

William Seccombe is a member of the renowned Portrait Society of America and the Salmagundi Club in New York City.

He currently resides in Metuchen, NJ with his wife and son.


Opening Party: February 14, 2013 7-10pm
Exhibit: February 14th - April 7, 2013

Juan Carlos Pinto's works are playful and eye-catching commentaries on transit, the environment and waste...

Most of Pinto’s media comes from salvaged material and found objects Pinto’s use of plastic is unique and pulsates with hidden significance.

He uses discarded plastic Metro Cards, which he dices and cuts into different shapes and pastes together to form pictures and messages.

The idea of using these non-biodegradable cards is to reinforce recycling and prolonging its use indefinitely while providing the artist with a source free material. It is also a way of reminding us about the danger this material can cause if left to seep into the earth..

His weaving of color is also prominent in his folk oriented handicrafts, such as Mayan inspired tasks, painted gourds, as well as abstract paintings that, like a mirage, play with the imagination. 

Issues such as human and animal rights, environmental preservation, and empowerment of minorities are frequently incorporated into Pinto’s work.

He is also planning a series of murals and public art in Brooklyn, New York. Pinto’s art exudes confidence, energy and challenge. It draws one into a dual world of playfulness and social responsibility.

His legacy, as he sees it, is to be known as an artist who demands change to a Green Revolution.

Exhibit: January 2 - February 5th, 2013
Opening Reception: January 4th, 2013 from 7 – 10pm

Jessica Slagle was born and raised in St Paul, Minnesota. Jessica’s love of art began as early as childhood it would never quench her artistic thirst. Her creative outlet would venture out, out of the lines to anything that would leave a mark on any surface in the house. 

She writes: 

My work has always been a reflection of my inner world. It is my attempt to convey in a visual language the deeply spiritual and intuitive impressions I experience through meditation.

I use my art to illustrate the visions I have during meditation. Before I start to make a body of work I will often meditate off and on for an extended period of time, losing myself in the visualizations and sensations. Having absorbed as much as I can of these, I sit down and visually process them through my artwork. In this way I hope to teach others what I’ve learned, to stimulate the viewer’s third eye, and ultimately to help the viewer feel more connected within themselves and the universe.

My new series, titled Transcendence, illustrates bursts of awareness that one experiences throughout their life. This experience can happen naturally through meditation, randomly through experience, or can be induced through the use of psychedelics. Each piece represents a different experience and different intensity level of that experience. 

I wanted to compare one’s inner reality against the outer, physical one. During a moment of awareness or awakening - often you can see a change in the way you see the physical world, as well as the way you see your inner world.

In the work I’ve created, the inner world is represented by the digitally collaged background, and the physical change is represented in the hand made collage over it.

Exhibit: Starry Collective POP SHOP - December 3, 2012 - January 3, 2013

Starry Collective combines technical craftsmanship with a whimsical imagination and fashion forward thinking, giving their style a unique twist. Surreal, bold and theatrical the collective is celebrating the launch of their website,
www.starrycollective.com, on Dec 13, 2012.

It will encompass art, one-of-a kind garments, accessories and lifestyle. Inspired by nature, fashion and design the group aims to further blur the lines between art and fashion.

ith the help of Sano Design Services, a local printing and textile service company, the collectives promote a unique fusion of art and fashion, while celebrating local sourcing and production.

The Starry collective is brought to you by Gina Martynova, artist, designer and creator of Starry...

Here is Gina sporting one of her bags, which has her original art printed.

Kim Dalton, 
textile designer and illustrator... among other things presented her designer pillows...

Bjorn DelaCruz, producer and chef, and Melissa Farrar, designer have been working together with Gina Martynova to create these exquisite designs from her artwork.

"Embers of November:
A Group Show from Playa Hot Szechuan Supper Club."

"Look up into the night sky. The water scorpion fatally stings Orion 'The Hunter' with its venom. For the rest of us to avoid this fate, it is important that we keep the creative spark, ember and fire alive until the return of Jupiter, and with it - fiery expansion! So let us celebrate whatever creative expression there is in a plethora of artistic styles!"

Playa Hot Szechuan Supper Club presents:

Astra Bagdziunas

Michael Paul Brito

Raya Dukhan

Troy Frantz

Paul Jaramillo

Arthur Polendo

Meki Tate

Manhattan Rampage - The art of ANTOINETTE JOHNSON

Artist Bio

Antoinette Johnson was born in 1981 in Tampa, Florida. She began painting and drawing at the age of 4 and was highly influenced by Edward Gorey as a child. Her work was sold as commissioned work until her mid-teens. At this time she began focusing on photography and performance art.

She studied black and white photography and darkroom techniques at the Ringling School of Art and Design. She spent time in Greece photographing architecture and various protests by day and developing the photos by night. It was during this project that she developed and studied two major influences on her later work. Namely, design and the figure.

Her performance work in the mid-2000’s began with Vaude Villains Burlesque Company where she danced and styled other dancers’ wardrobe, hair and makeup. Later she joined the Ultra Party Crew and danced for Shiny Toy Guns and the Cure in front of over 70,000 people.

This performance work led her to develop a unique hairstyling technique since dubbed “Hair Sculpture.” Her hair sculpture work has been featured in art shows in Brooklyn, New York. It was also featured in Sandee Pawan’s show “Fashionista” in Paris, France at the Institut Franqais d‘Alger; and in the music video for “Creature in Me” by international pop singer Aleksander of Splendid Sounds.

Her return to painting in 2010 has been inspired by these explorations in other mediums and by co-founding 950 Hart Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. At the beginning of 950 Hart Gallery’s run, Antoinette began working in her new style characterized by fluorescent colors, hardedge and figurative work. She has shown new work in 18 of her gallery’s 27 art openings, Open Spaces in Long Island City, Queens, and on the screens of Times Square during Art Takes Times Square. Her work can be found in various private collections around the world and several establishments in Washington DC.

She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with a one eyed cat.

Press Release

Antoinette Johnson is going on a Manhattan Rampage!

Antoinette Johnson is pleased to announce her debut solo exhibition Manhattan Rampage to be held at Le Salon d’ Art. The opening reception will be on October 4th from 7-10PM and the exhibition will run from October 3rd until November 6th. Le Salon d’ Art is located at 90 Stanton Street in the Lower East Side. Located between Orchard and Ludlow, the gallery is accessible via the J, M, Z, and F trains.

This exhibition is inspired in part by a performance in which she and performance artist Defenz Mechanizm donned “Super Fuzzy Dinosaur” costumes to dance and rampage their way through a carefully recreated Tokyo city. That performance was also instrumental in the development of her “Hair Sculpture” technique. These hair sculptures will be on display via live models and in photographs of past models.

She will also feature new works in her signature fluorescent, hardedge style. The “Standing Alone” series will be shown in full. For this exhibition, one piece has been retrieved from a private collection for display. The series has been noted for its bright circles and strong depictions of anonymous women. It was photographed by Hrag Vartanian and featured as a highlight of Beat Nite 7 on his personal blog. Polytychs and undulating abstract pieces will hang together to recreate the atmosphere of our living, breathing city.

Antoinette Johnson studied photography and darkroom techniques at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota. She spent time in Greece photographing architecture and various protests, this experience and subject matter has informed her attention to detail and utilization of the figure in her paintings. Her work has been shown in Brooklyn, Paris, and is found in private collections and establishments in Washington DC.

Manhattan Rampage is being curated by Sean Alday.

Artist: John Lloyd

... My paintings are often set in a place where two worlds meet...

John Lloyd writes...

I received a BFA from the School of Museum of Fine Arts Boston/Tufts University.

My parents and grandparents were missionaries in Japan. I lived there until I was 12 years old, in Kyoto and then in Yokkaichi. I attended public school and was deeply immersed in Japanese culture. My playground was the rice paddies and a park surrounding a Shinto shrine.

Growing up in the Far East and later adapting to life in the United States, has lead me to a continuous study of art and culture from around the world; particularly folk art and traditional devotional art.

My paintings are often set in a place where two worlds meet--rooftops where architecture joins the larger expanse of the clouds, stars and beyond; the seashore where one can literally walk from dry land into the element of water.

I am interested in places where nature returns to our lives like the weeds in a vacant lot or the animals in our dreams. My paintings capture the puzzling human community of city streets full of conflict and joy.

The density of the images originate from my passion for music and interest in recreating the rhythm, harmonies and layers of counterpoints that are expressed in sound. My paintings evoke feelings, stories and the colours that come through, the music that I love to listen to.

John Lloyd Art Statement

Why do I keep finding my self returning to paint in the landscape? Through the relaxed rhythm of the brush strokes I make a connection to the stories happening around me, the slow movements of the clouds, the rhythm of the water, the gestures of the wind moving though the trees, the many varieties of the movements made by the animals and the people around me enjoying their walk.

Since so many of us work indoors we carry a longing for the world beyond the window. We want a feeling of connection to a greater whole beyond the chatter of the cell phones and e-mail. Our time in the landscape can provide a balance to this sense of isolation where we are in an intricately interconnected world. 

Painting outdoors also balance the sense of constriction that we feel in the modern life — outside we can deeper, experience more space and distance . Modern life with complexities where every decision has to be considered carefully is balanced by the simplicity of the activity of rendering the world I see in front of me.

These are some of the things that go through my mind while painting outside.

"Strung Out" A Solo Exhibit about Life and Music by J. T. Liss

August 9 - September 3rd, 2012

If a new thought can enter the mind, even for a brief moment, then change has a chance. J.T. Liss Photography for Social Change was created out of a need to do something bigger than photography. Using photography and turning it into advocacy, helping others in need, and allowing art to spread positivity.

Entirely self taught, J.T. Liss has been able to use his creativity as a primary focus to see unique glimpses and catch them through his lens. His work has been featured in galleries and events in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. In the spring of 2011, J.T.’s Photo titled “Mine” came in 3rd place in a worldwide photography contest for MTV Exit. Since then has been profiled in several magazines throughout the country, been a part of numerous events, and has held two solo exhibits in NYC over the past 3 months.

Before photography, J.T. worked with many at risk youth in residential settings, emergency shelters, and as a 4th grade teacher in the Bronx. His passion for working with children soon fused with his passion for taking photos and Photography for Social Change was created. He began working with creative grassroots level nonprofits and holding events for them. These events would help create awareness about the organization’s mission and display J.T.’s work for sale, with 25% of the proceeds going to the nonprofit. 

Photography for Social Change is a belief that a photo can be more than just something that stimulates thought or evokes emotion. It can be an advocate for change.

Non-profit organizations associated with PFSC:
B.E.A.T. (Bringing Education and the Arts Together – NYC)
Hug It Forward – California
Fighting For Futures – NYC
Hear The Hungry – NYC
Off the Mat, Into the World – California

See more of J.T.’s work at:



SOLO EXHIBIT: July 12- August 4, 2012

Anu Annam's artwork releases painting from the boundaries of a squared-off area, opening it into the realm of sculpture. The painting is collaged upon itself, transforming one to several already completed pieces into a new artwork that possess all the same attributes, mirroring reactions in chemistry. The artwork comes from not only the mind, but a deeper, bodily place. This work represents rebirth: both rebirth of the piece itself, and rebirth of the artist.

DECONSTRUCTION is one of the themes to this show. The artwork on the walls will be TORN and collaged in this PAINTING-MEETS-SCULPTURE show.


Artist Statement

The transformative nature of art can create a metamorphosis in an artist the same way that fire immolates and renews wood. With a spark of inspiration, preconceived notions can be burned to ash and smoke in exchange for light and warmth. Bonds are broken and are rearranged while energy is released. Sometimes the change is so strong that it seems to come from the gut rather than the mind. In these cases, the artist is reborn. 

When I tried to follow someone else's rules, the resulting painting was not what I wanted at all. I tore it up, first in anger and then very decisively. Then I reassembled it, carefully taping it back together in layers by what felt like instinct. Pieces of the painting hushed a mouth, twisted a cheek and left gaping holes in the head and side of the face. I was both relieved and energized while releasing the painting from its bonds of boundaries of shape, two dimensional depth and biological order. 

I was tearing it apart and reconstructing the image, wishing to renew the meaning of the painting by collaging the torn artwork onto itself. The shapes that were formed were organic, as in a sculpture, and were free from squared-off dimensions. The tearing was more visceral than the strokes of the paintbrush. 

Whereas within the conventionally dimensioned canvases only brush created compositions, now there are also torn edges and gaps that weave, break and layer through the piece, mixing with the brushstrokes creating a new abstraction and a wholly different composition. The tears are unconsciously purposeful, and the collaging is just as much so. Spaces in the head were removed, implying brain injury and mental illness, and the mouth obscured, suggesting a silencing act. 

When I was done, there was "Broken" -a painting torn and collaged onto itself in which I took back control over any pressure I felt as an artist to sacrifice my integrity-a painting that expressed my physical injuries and challenges in a way that I couldn't strongly enough in my previous style.

I began healing and found a new form of expression that took me out of the limits of conventional dimensions. Finding this new process is my rebirth.

The torn and collaged portrait paintings in this show explore themes such as friendship, physical and emotional challenges, threat and elevation. Some pieces are collaged from a single image, others from multiple. There is a consistent technique, but no fixed definitions to my paintings. I want them to breathe. To keep my process coming from the gut, I allow the artwork to take many of its forms unconsciously. Varied viewer interpretations are part of the art.

By: Anupama Annam

Chapter 1 - Solo Exhibit by Brian Kirhagis

The Art World Is A Fickle Place.
Every Peak Revitalizes Your Confidence,
While Every Valley Invites Doubt.

Chasing Dreams Requires A Fit Mind And Healthy Self-esteem.
Otherwise It’s Easy To Tire And Fade Out.


This Is The Beginning Of What Figures To Be A Long Story.
I Want To Challenge The Status Quo,
Open Locked Minds
And Redefine What Art Can Be.

What if Salvador Dali was born in 1983 instead of 1904? Imagine his childhood filled with images of the concrete and graffiti of urban America instead of the beautiful countrysides of Figueres, Spain. Imagine Dali was our age, a product of our generation influenced by our style, music and culture. These are the questions I intend to answer over the coming months, by reworking some of Dali’s masterpieces through an updated lens. It is a humble tribute to my greatest inspiration...

When Dali painted “Anthropomorphic Chest” He was making a statement about the teachings of Freud and the subconscious. The idea that we all have secret, hidden drawers to our personalities and soul, that we can only access through psychoanalysis (i.e. the superego and id


Showing this for the first time here...the beginning of the BK X DALI series!

My version, still in progress, is a statement about technology in today’s world, and how we have lost the ability to connect to the true power of ourselves, because we are inundated with technology and entertainment. Flash disks, CD’s, SIM cards, and Audio Jacks have replaced Dali’s drawers.

Those same drawers exist, but we are so plugged in and distracted by entertainment, that we no longer capable of realizing our true potential and discovering what lies inside of them.

Exhibit: June 3rd - July 10th, 2012


Emotions: Expressions of the Human Soul
Exhibit: May 1 - June 2nd, 2012

Works by:     
Danielle Mastrion - Joseph Meloy - Michael Serafino – Anupama Annam - Christopher Piccinich - Raquel Echanique - Teddi Rogers - Giannina Gutierrez - Mark A. Moore Sr. - Sarah Reynolds

An artistic attempt to portray the different types of emotions and human conditions, whether it is affection, love, sympathy or happiness or harboring negative feelings of loneliness, agitation, fear, en
vy, betrayal, anger or shear depression.

Michael Serafino

Raquel Echanique

Anupama Annam

Christopher Picchich

Joseph Meloy


Chris Prandy
Solo Exhibit

"The Artist"

"The Stylist"

"Devil Cries Diamonds"

Exhibit: April 2012


Animal by Lisa Enxing

Art Exhibit from March 5 - to April 1, 2012

"I have been fascinated by animals since the early days of my life. I love to create scenes portraying human-animal interactions of compassion, devotion and refuge as well as scenes of their sorrows, tragically many species find themselves in.

 It is crucial that collectively all of us continue to strive and extend the *Intelligent Light* (a light of wisdom), throughout the natural world."

Past Shows:

Spread Love

by Dutch artists Pepe & Eva...
in collaboration with Studio Marmalade and EVENi.

Exhibit: February 9 - March 4, 2012
Opening Party: February 9, 2012 from 7 - 11pm

Wine, snacks and a "live" acoustic performance provided by EVENi.

Pepe's style is influenced by artists that he met and worked with in his life such as Herman Brood and Keith Haring (as a little boy) His creative brush hits not only canvases, but a great variety of recycled objects that end up to close to the paint... he transmits his energy and spirituality in each piece symbolizing their collective mantra "Spread Love".

Eva expresses her inner child through a whimsical style influenced by Dutch cartoonists such as her brother Flo de Goede and Maaike Hartjes. Creating a series of miniaturized pieces that range from greeting cards to small pieces of art adorned with hearts and infinite love.

Eva Starr and Pepe Estereo are DUTCH artists, born and raised in Amsterdam, living and working from Studio Marmalade in the Lower East Side , New York City. Mission: Spread Love

With her sweet and unique illustrations EVA created a magical place: EVA’s World. In this world she expresses her emotion and LOVE …for all the different kinds of people, situations , for LIFE itself. EVA is the key founder of Studio Marmalade which she runs with her husband PEPE.

PEPE explores all the different perspectives of this beautiful and miraculous existence, ranging from ancient civilizations to modern day science , stories, legends, myths and all that synchronistically comes his way. He expresses his ideas and emotions in all ways that can reflect upon our reality with the most uplifting and spiritually positive intention.

Eva and PEPE are also known from the rockband EVENi. Eva is leadsinger and Pepe plays guitar and backing vocals. They’ve been active together in the arts and music, in many countries and cities , since 1998.

90 Stanton Street Show Fumeroism vs. Vandal Expressionism

January 12 - February 6, 2012

Joseph Meloy and Fumero, two distinct in perfect juxtaposition @ Le Salon d' Art

The exhibit was kicked off with a very successful Opening Party on THURSDAY, JANUARY 12th, so now remains the question:

Where were you? ...


If you're in the mood for vibrant and uniquely personalized portraiture, rendered in bold post-graffiti style and composed with the eye of a Renaissance man, then come to the show and enjoy the classy and classic-meets-modern artwork that is FUMEROISM, courtesy of fine art painter FUMERO.

And if you enjoy futuristic cave paintings from an era that is right now, highly abstracted hieroglyphic land and cityscapes and maps and all kinds of wacked out post-graffiti-fine-art-Rorschach-Test-lookin' goodness, then surely you will enjoy the artwork of JOSEPH MELOY and his special brand of VANDAL EXPRESSIONISM.

Meloy with one of his admirers Sara Morales

Fumero during the Opening Party @ Le Salon d' Art.


Exhibit: December 8, 2011
- january 8, 2012

Native New Yorker, Malcolm A. Davis II presents new explorations of pop/urban celebrity portraiture. Thousands of diamond shaped confetti pieces are hand cut from printed material, recomposed & layered creating the profiles of our societies most treasured talents, heros, & intellectuals; the icons we love as well as the ones we love to hate.

Then take a close look at the abstract compositions bursting with the energies of the city brought to you by artist Matthew R. Volpe while enjoying a sip.

You're probably wondering what a real collaboration between the two artist might look like.. well its coming so stay tuned.

In the mean time enjoy some online teaser flix from both artists enjoy!

M.A.D. vs. M.R.V.
...Art Exhibit @ Le Salon d' Art

Mal Mal..... http://www.cheesecakesshop.com/

Matt...... http://mrvolpe.com/home.html


Evolution of Race (Evolucion de la raza) by Rigo Peralta.

Third Thursday Gallery Party - November 17 from 7-10pm

Exhibit: November 1 - 30, 2011

Rigo Peralta is a surrealist artist, native from Dominican Republic and had many successful individual exhibitions in New York, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Europe.

He describes his work as follows:

My work is rich with symbolic imagery and majesty. Often depicting the contradictory aspects of human nature. I seek to reconcile our primal or magical nature within the confines of modernization and technology. This art is based upon an indescribable and incomparable mechanical world. I belief that technology is making a great impact in our society making it our primary resource; my art incorporates this idea

I express my artwork in a different perspective and unite the human body with a mystical, mechanical creation, in which humans are like robots that do what’s expected of them, not always what they like, from an spiritual point of view I see the transition from a human to a mechanical being. My art work is extremely adept, achieving synchromatic harmony. In my paintings the quality carries over into my printmaking techniques as well as, combining raw and synthetic media. As my canvas, the prints also vibrate with rhythmic sensations emulating force and receptivity borrowing from the intuitive processes conceived by the Surrealists, dramatizes the illusory experience of my daily life in contrast to the imagination in my world. That distinction is what leads me to explore the sub-terrains of nature, creation and the human existence.

Juan Carlos Pinto - Art & Green Revolution
Opening Reception: October 6 - 7pm - 10pm
Exhibit: October 1 - 31, 2011

J Carlos Pinto is a self represented artist from Guatemala who has been working for the past 12 years in New York, and his art is as expressive as his native and lush, colorful Central American nation. Pinto’s artwork is also poignantly aggressive and projects a revolutionary declaration. The scope of his art covers abstract painting, tile work, wood work, stencil spray, and use of non-biodegradable plastic and glass. Most of Pinto’s media comes from salvaged material and found objects

Pinto’s use of plastic is unique and pulsates with hidden significance. He uses discarded plastic Metro Cards, which he dices and cuts into different shapes and pastes together to form pictures and messages. The idea of using these non-biodegradable cards is to reinforce recycling and prolonging its use indefinitely while providing the artist with a source free material. It is also a way of reminding us about the danger this material can cause if left to seep into the earth.

Pinto uses broken tile and glass to create mosaics, using the spectrum of colors to impart rich visualizations of his subjects. His weaving of color is also prominent in his folk oriented handicrafts, such as Mayan inspired masks, painted gourds, as well as abstract paintings that, like a mirage, play with the imagination.

Issues such as and animal rights, environmental preservation, and empowerment of minorities are frequently incorporated into Pinto’s work. He is also planning a series of murals and public art in Brooklyn, New York.

Pinto’s art exudes confidence, energy and challenge. It draws one into a dual world of playfulness and social responsibility. His legacy, as he sees it, is to be known as an artist who demands change to a Green Revolution.

Melissa Silvers presents:

The artist explains... as a writer, I am always inspired at the written word and found that much of the lyrics, though usually sung, are inspired poetry and in small form take on special meaning. the lyrics focus on the entire spectrum of love - from falling madly into it, to learning how to get through it, to accepting it, to falling out of it. Lyrics from the show range from artist such as: The Pixies, Florence & the Machine to Nirvana and Lil Wayne. All of these lyrics have inspired me at some point (or take me back to a certain time & story).

About me personally - I am the Creative Director for NYC digital agency Ready Set Rocket. I happened into art by accident 7 years ago when I needed a particular sized canvas for my home and couldn't find anything I loved to buy. Having been a writer at heart (with an eye for aesthetic), I went to the store, bought canvas and paint and painted the negative space to form words on what would become my first artwork. Since then, I have been regularly commissioned by companies, individuals and organizations to create pieces for their own spaces.

... a surreal and whimsical world
created by:
Gina Martynova

Exhibit: August 4 - 30, 2011

Her first solo show, Starry is an introduction to the theatrical and eerie playground filled with a variety of intriguing characters, vegetation and scenic landscapes.We welcome you to take part in the fantastical concepts and newly added Starry Nesting Dolls series that take on a life of their own. There will be a limited edition Starry...
scarf for previewing.

Also presented for the first time will be "The Virtuous Three”, a transformative triptych series commissioned by “Sea Love” and illustrated by Gina Martynova. “The Virtuous Three” embodies Hope, Faith and Charity.

Sea Love

Stewardship. Environment. Action Let. Our. Values. Endure.


Sea Love is a charitable initiative that fund raises for social change organizations whose mission is to protect & conserve the ocean and it’s natural resources.

Below more art from  Gina Martynova:


The group exhibition: CLIPPED — “Appropriated Material From The Streets of New York,” took place during July at Le Salon d’ Art Gallery. Running the entire month of July, this group exhibition  showcased six New York artists, including: Andrew Matsumoto, Michael Serafino, Jeremy Penn, Flip Skip, Ari Lankin and Borbay.

“CLIPPED” refers to the link these artists share using printed paper as their most common found material.

Jeremy Penn


More art by Borbay!

Borbay the Artist himself  in conversation with the guests!

JUNE 1 - 30, 2011

Featuring the work of New York Photographers:




May 5 - 30, 2011

Works on canvas and paper by Raquel Echanique.

Opening party: Thursday, May 5 from 7PM until 10PM.

Streets of Manhattan

by Aloyse Burger

From April 1 - April 30, 2011

Opening Party: April 7, 2011 from 7pm to 11pm

Aloyse Burger visited New York last year and has painted his experience on canvas.  Aloyse resides in France and comes specially over to show his art @ Le Salon d' Art.

Click for more info this Facebook link:

Aloyse Burger @ Le Salon d' Art

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The Gallery at Le Salon d' Art features a new artist every month.  Ranging from Realism, to abstract from Urban to Surrealism, every month the experiences changes.

Past shows:

"Exactly what the hell is Vandal Expressionism?"

Joseph Meloy. 

March 3 to March 31, 2011...

Mad Snakes Meloy had a very intensive and very succesful show.  Attendance to the opening party was great and so were the sales of his art.

Joseph Meloy @ Le Salon d' Art
Upon request of many friends and fans.  Joseph Meloy organized a Closing Party which was as succesful as his Opening Party!


The Gallery at Le Salon d' Art features a new artist every month.  Ranging from Realism, to abstract from Urban to Surrealism, every month the experiences changes.

If you are an artist and wish to exhibit your art at our gallery contact us @ lesalon.art@gmail.com indicating your interest!

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